#TaylorSwift ‘s #Wardrobe Malfunction At The #GoldenGlobes2013 : Oops, There’s Her Bra!

Taylor Swift Golden Globes

Taylor Swift unfortunately didn’t win for Best Original Song — congrats, Adele! — at the 2013 Golden Globes, but she did take home a more dubious honor: first wardrobe malfunction of the night.

Here’s how it went down: the 22-year-old singer stunned in her eggplant-colored Donna Karan couture gown that we couldn’t help but notice was almost the same color as Lena Dunham’s Zac Posen frock.

But, alas, as Swift strolled the carpet and the flashbulbs kept flashbulb-ing, she found out just what’s so tricky about the dreaded racerfront silhouette and its ensuing bra dilemma. Do you… go braless? Try for a strapless? Opt for adhesive pasties?

Taylor apparently chose that last one, as part of her stick-on bra was visible was she turned to the side. (The Daily Mail has an even better photo.)

It’s okay, Taylor. Maybe you can write a Grammy-winning song about the perils of sideboob?

Scroll down for more photos.

taylor swift golden globes

taylor swift golden globes

taylor swift wardrobe malfunction

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