#JenniferLopez ‘s People Cover Timed Suspiciously Close to #AmericanIdol #Premiere, Insiders Say

Jennifer Lopez People

Jennifer Lopez graces the cover of this week’s People magazine — the same day the new season of "American Idol" debuts, with Mariah Carey filling her role at the judges’ table. Is the timing coincidental — or is Jenny from the Block making sure we don’t forget about her?

“Nothing J.Lo does is by accident,” one former member of her team tells The Huffington Post. “You don’t get a career the size of hers unless everything is planned and mapped out very carefully.”

In the past, J.Lo and her team worked carefully for her album "J.Lo" to be No. 1 on the Billboard 200 the same week that her film "The Wedding Planner" was No. 1 at the box office. Scheduling is no small matter in the world of J.Lo, it seems.

“Jennifer hasn’t done a weekly tell-all interview and photo shoot for a while, which is what makes this cover’s timing so suspicious. Everyone knows there’s been a rivalry between Jennifer and Mariah [Carey] in the past, and it looks like it’s still very much alive.”

"Jennifer Lopez is doing the press rounds to promote her new film ‘Parker,’ in theaters Jan. 25. She speaks very highly of ‘American Idol’ (see page 59) in the People interview," a People spokesperson tells The Huffington Post

Publicists for Lopez and Carey did not return calls for comment.

Scroll down for more J.Lo’s photos:


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