#ScottDisick Book Cover Model? The Reality Star’s Shocking Past Gig

Scott Disick Book

Well, what do you know: Scott Disick, "American Psycho" Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy, was famous even before he had to keep up with the first family of reality TV. Twelve years ago, the delightful star scored a modeling gig as the smoldering cover hunk of YA books.

YA! We know….

scott disick book
Source: Amazon

No, really. We’ve been staring at these for hours.

scott disick book
Source: Amazon

Disick, then 17, "landed a gig as the cover boy for Heartland, Lauren Brooke’s series of novels, aimed at tween readers, about a horse farm," reports In Touch.

Do you think Brooke named a character in the book after him too? That of the shirtless horse whisperer, perhaps?

No. Sense. Of. Style.His then co-star, who was 10 or 11 at the time of the shoot, spilled to BuzzFeed about posing with the famous father of two. "Scott was so shy," said the model, whose name is not revealed. "He always came alone and acted like the silent mysterious type. He would wear really baggy clothes and had no sense of real style."

Luckily for everyone involved, shy teen Disick turned into the beautiful butterfly we know now. “[He] always loved to be the center of attention,” a family insider told In Touch. “If reality TV had existed back then, we all would’ve said that Scott had been born for it.”

Disick, you faithful boyfriend you. You truly "heal our hearts."

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