#DanielRadcliffe ‘s Bad Teeth Self-Parody, ‘How To Be Daniel Radcliffe,’ Will Put A Spell On You

Daniel Radcliffe can conjure that Harry Potter magic even when he’s making fun of himself. The actor stars in a self-parody, "How To Be Daniel Radcliffe," for the YouTube comedy channel Bad Teeth. The video has begun to circulate around the Internet as fast as something can without him being naked.

In the 2 minute, 15-second bit, Radcliffe prattles on about giving back to his "legions" of fans, gets upstaged by a pal and accelerates into full blowhard mode as he reminds viewers of WHO HE IS.

It’s all in good fun and Radcliffe, 23, can afford the self-mockery. Made rich mostly by starring as the eponymous boy wizard in eight "Harry Potter" films, Radcliffe has a net worth of $85 million, according to the Sunday Times.

Radcliffe appears to have the self-deprecating thing down in real life, as well — at least publicly. He told the Telegraph recently that he has no entourage and doesn’t use his celebrity to get a good table. "Maybe it’s an English thing that there’s just some sort of embarrassment saying: ‘Hello, I’m Daniel Radcliffe, does that make a difference to you?’”

In the video above, it better make a difference, or he’ll let you know what celebrated British thespians he has on speed dial.


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