#JustinBieber #Bodyguard Accused Of Threatening Shopper


More trouble for Justin Bieber?

The pop star isn’t in trouble directly, but TMZ reports that a member of the 18-year-old’s crew allegedly threatened a man who took a photo of Bieber while the singer was shopping at a Best Buy in San Fernando Valley.

According to the website, police are now investigating the incident and claim that the member of Bieber’s entourage was not in fact actually a bodyguard, just someone who took it upon himself to allegedly angrily demand that the adult male who took the photo delete it immediately.

TMZ reports that the man, who was not a paparazzo, felt threatened enough that he called the police to report the incident, but Bieber and his crew were long gone by the time they arrived.

It’s unlikely this will spell trouble for Bieber, but it makes us wonder just who is in his entourage these days. The popstar recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and has been allegedly acting out. Most recently, TMZ reported thatmore photos of the singer smoking what appears to be marijuana have been shopped to media outlets, and there are reportedly photos of him and his boys at a party where a large bottle of codeine (aka sizzurp) was present.


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