#LadyGaga #MonsterBall Tour: Singer Requests A ‘Mannequin With Puffy Pink Pubic Hair’ Backstage

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour

Lady Gaga is known for being wayyy out there in her appearances on- and off-stage — umm, hello raw meat dress and Kermit the Frog ensemble — and now it seems this irregular approach has seeped into her lifestyle in general.

Celebuzz has exclusively obtained Gaga’s Monster Ball tour rider as part of the court documents detailing Mother Monster’s six-hour deposition in the lawsuit involving her former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill. In it, Gaga makes various demands: that her dressing room be decorated in a "glam rock" fashion and furnished with white leather couches, fresh roses and black satin drapes, for one.

The document also makes note of Gaga’s peculiar request for a "manquin [sic] with puffy pink public [sic] hair" that shall be present in her backstage suite.

Because …?

The famous singer also wants "old rock posters from her favorite artists [like] David Bowie, Queen, Elton John and Billy [sic] Holiday" on the walls of her dressing room as well as fan art from her beloved Monsters, according to Celebuzz.

As for food (the superstar has confessed to suffering from eating disorders in the past), Gaga is particular about what goes into her mouth: whole wheat bread, bran flakes or Special K (with no berries or raisins), organic teas and milk, Hiro strawberry jam and peanut butter with flax seed that contain no more than four grams of sugar.

The document goes on to list Gaga’s liquor preferences (Jameson and white wine, thanks for asking) and her demand that whatever hotel she stays at keeps the fitness room accessible to her 24 hours a day, and states that "if she doesn’t want to leave her room, she doesn’t have to."

For the full list of the nitty-gritty and to learn how much this lavish lifestyle costs — hint: it doesn’t come cheap —head over to Celebuzz for more.Sigh. A true diva.


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