#RachelWeisz ‘s #HarpersBazaarUK Cover Renders The Actress Unrecognizable


Rachel Weisz holds one of the top slots on our girl crush list — have you ever seen her looking less than perfect? Until now, our answer would have been no.

But that was before her March 2013 cover for Harper’s Bazaar UK. The mag features the actress in a red, bell-sleeved Gucci dress looking a little… different. Something about her facial expression and stiff body pose just don’t read Rachel to us. We weren’t sure if we even recognized her at first.

Of course, that could be the result of a little acting on the photo shoot set. The "Oz: The Great and Powerful" actress told the glossy that she does enjoy letting go of herself sometimes:

“That’s what’s so great about acting, you’re not really responsible. I mean, I’m polite to everyone on set and I’m not a struggle to work with, but in terms of how you get to treat people, it’s carte blanche, because it’s fiction -– no one’s really going to get hurt. And it’s a very joyful place to let go.”

Since we’re still not quite sure what happened with Rachel’s cover shot, we’re going to chalk it up to that and some strange creative direction on the magazine’s part. After all, the actress just graced the Golden Globes red carpet looking particularly radiant, so how can we blame Ms. Weisz for a single day of microscopic imperfection?

Quick Poll

Do you think Rachel’s cover photo looks off?

YES! Why does she look so dull and flat?

NAH! She looks just as gorgeous as usual to me.



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