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Celebrity Comebacks: Stars We’d Prefer To Stay Has-Beens

Celebrity Comebacks

Justin Timberlake just announced he’s ready for a comeback, and while we are psyched for a new new JT album, there are a few other stars we’d rather stay hidden in the shadows of our memories.

Professional attention seekers Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt inspired our thoughts on celebrities we’d rather not see a comeback, now that they are getting press for their run on the U.K. show "Celebrity Big Brother."

We’ve had enough of Spiedi and the rest of these has-beens or never-weres:

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Celebrity Comebacks: 13 Stars We Want To See Back On Top In 2013

Celebrity Comebacks

In the celebrity world, sometimes we just can’t help rooting for the stars we cover … which is why we pooled our votes to see whom we’d like to see make a comeback in 2013, whether it be in their careers, personal life or just jolted out of early retirement.

Launch the slideshow below to see our picks, and sound off in the comments below on who YOU’D like to see return to form in the new year.


More photos:

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