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#PatBenatar #Style Evolution: From Animal Print #Leotards To Black Two-Piece Suits


Back in the ’80s, when MTV actually played music videos and wasn’t flooded with heavily-scripted reality TV shows, Pat Benatar ruled the network. She made waves with the her vocal range, skintight leggings and electric eye makeup in "You Better Run" — the second video to play on MTV. But for someone who had the rockstar image down pat from the start, including sporting the no-pants look decades beforeLady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, it all came together by coincidence.

Benatar said, "This came from a Halloween costume I wore. I was dressed as a character from this ridiculous B movie called ‘Cat-Women of the Moon.’ This was ridiculous then; it’s so ridiculous now."

The "Love is a Battlefield" singer continued to rock out shows in her famous leotardsuntil her on-stage look took a drastic turn in the 1990s towards loose-fitting, all black outfits. She’s also experimented with more free-flowing hairstyles since then, however, Benatar can’t seem to put down that tube of dark lipstick.

In celebration of Benatar‘s 60th birthday on Thursday (Jan. 10), we’re taking a look back at the music icon’s style over the years. Vote for your favorite look in the slideshow below.

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#MileyCyrus ‘ Striped Pants Are Channeling ‘Beetlejuice’

miley cyrus striped pants

It’s pretty easy to mix up Christmas and Halloween.

Well, not really, even with all the sexy Santa costumes. But Miley Cyrus got her wires crossed on Wednesday when she stepped out in a pair of striped pants that looked like they were ripped straight from "Beetlejuice."

The engaged 20-year-old was out with her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, in Palm Springs at a "family gathering." Miley’s idea of a family-friendly outfit are certainly intriguing, from the bold pants to the aggressively chunky Doc Marten-esque boots. But when you’ve got the body for tight striped bottoms, flaunt it, right?

See some pics below. Are you a fan of Miley’s jailbird look or should pants like these be reserved for Halloween?


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25 Celebrities Adjusting Themselves In Public


Sometimes you just need to take a second to adjust yourself.

In Hollywood, these unpleasing, private moments (think picking a wedgie, pulling up a swimsuit, or briefly placing your paws on your package) are often caught on camera.

Below are 25 celebrities adjusting themselves. Heck, stars really are just like us!

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